Video Series: Initiation and Relationship Building Mindsets and Habits

Tom and other Bridgespan partners share habits and mindsets that can help everyone be more effective at initiation and relationship building. For more on each topic, click on each video collection below

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  • Tom's Ten Habits
  • Cultivating a Network
  • Lead Conversion
  • Client Readiness
  • Sharing Candor
  • Deepening Relationships
  • Building Trust
  • Productivity
  • Tom's Ten Habits

    Tom Tierney shares that initiation and relationship-building were never natural strengths for him, and he intentionally worked to develop them. In these videos, he shares his approach to continuous improvement and the ten mental “hand holds” that have been helpful to him on his journey. View the whole series >>

    Video on Tom's Ten Habits

    Cultivating a Network

    Video on Cultivating a Network

    Successful initiation doesn’t start with selling projects, but rather with developing of a network of leaders doing interesting work related to your professional passions. Jeff, Sridhar, and others explain how opportunities for high-impact work can grow out of this type of long-term relationship-building work. View the whole series >>

    Lead Conversion

    How do you convert a series of interesting conversations into a potential project? It involves positioning yourself and Bridgespan for success as well as zeroing in on the core issues  both critical to a potential client’s success and within your or Bridgespan’s expertise. View the whole series >>

    Video on Lead Conversion

    Client Readiness

    Video on Client Readiness

    A mutual desire to work together doesn’t necessarily mean a potential project is set up for success. Tom explains the five basic types of questions you should be assessing for client readiness, and other partners share lessons learned from projects that weren’t quite ready for success. View the whole series >>

    Sharing Candor

    Using candor during the initiation process can both help assess client readiness and differentiate Bridgespan as a potential partner. Willa, Nithin, and others share how they’ve used candor during the initiation process to offer their genuine perspectives on the core issues potential clients are facing. View the whole series >>

    Video on Sharing Candor

    Deepening Relationships

    Video on Deepening Relationships

    High-impact work comes as much from initiating new relationships as it does from long-term, multiyear relationships, where the impact occurs both during and between projects. William walks through what has contributed to the success of some of his most significant long-term relationships with clients, and Chris and others share best practices for cultivating these types of relationships. View the whole series >>

    Building Trust

    Building trust involves being vulnerable and authentic. Chris shares how he demonstrates vulnerability with clients, Willa shares her approach to being a “critical friend,” and other partners share practices that help them build trust with clients. View the whole series >>

    Video on Building Trust


    Video on Productivity

    Building and cultivating a network takes time, but it can be woven into the fabric of your work life. Chris and others share tips for prioritizing your time and for making relationship cultivation a regular activity that does not require a huge investment. View the whole series >>

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